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Visa services

Embark on your exciting journey accompanied by an experienced company. Visa Experts stands as a trusted provider of visa services across Europe and the Middle East. As a recruitment company based in India, we’re not just intermediaries, we are your future employers! We offer direct hiring, eliminating the need for middlemen or other companies, thereby ensuring a smoother and safer application process for you.

Our exclusive services set us apart from any other offerings in India. So why wait? Visit us today, schedule an online meeting or get in touch with our visa consultant for more detailed information.


What kind of jobs are waiting for me?

You can apply for blue collar jobs in Europe. For example: factory worker, warehouse worker. In factory we cover all jobs from cleaning to packing the goods. After you arrive you can choose what position suites to your expectations.

Is there any Age limit to apply?

You must be an adult (>18 y/o). There is no age limit in our company. However Embassy success ratio is lower above 55 y/o.

How long it take to get my visa for poland?

Embassy appointment date will come in 1-4 months depends on Embassy availability and country you apply.

What does Visa Experts do for me?

We guide you thru the full process. From idea to on boarding in Europe.

We will prepare documentation from Europe: job offer letter, employment contract, accommodation letter etc.

Visa Experts will type for your work permit

Visa Experts will send all the required by the Embassy documents

Visa Experts will help you prepare all the required by the Embassy documentation from your side

Visa Experts will help you prepare for the Embassy Interview

How to start the process?

You must be an adult (>18 y/o). The process starts with a free consultation with one of our Agents and the initial payment. Do not hesitate and contact our consultants without obligation.

Can I apply from outside the UAE?

YES! You can apply almost from any country in the world (there are exceptions). Contact our consultant and get more information now.